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Carlyle Adams, P. Eng, MSCE TS2, LMSSC, TRAINER
Experienced Manager | Consultant | Troubleshooter | Sales | Trainer | I am A " MAVEN " | TBA


Edison International, DuPont, Applied Materials, Intel, Compaq, HP, GM, Ford, Daimler Benz, Fiat, Chrysler, LUXOR, MGM, Disney, US News, LA Times, Washington Times, Aflac, Optical Radiation Corporation, ADT, Volvo, IBM, NASA


Production efficiency, Waste Control, 5S, TQM, Kaizen, JIT, Six Sigma, Pareto Charts
Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Hydraulic Troubleshooting, SCADA, ICS, Solar Principles,
Smart Metering, Diagnose, Repair, Modify, Trainer, Coach, Sales & Marketing, CRM Databases

Having issues with maintenance effecting production, watch the video
     The perfect marriage when Lean and CMMS are used together
Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma and Process Optimization
Lean Six Sigma Transformation